Aerospace & Defense : SMHS 75

There applications in which SMHS 75 as Defense Grade Industrial Filler is to be used for :

  • Weight Reduction - This product has excellent compatibility with almost all category of resins such as Epoxy, Polyurethane, Acrylic resins. When the combination is used for making Syntactic foam because of low density of 0.70 gms / c.c or less making it lighter than water.
  • Improved Surface Properties - Due to bonding characteristics of these micro spheres with the resins used it prevents bubbles, scarring, popping, chipping of the composite making it more smooth and seamless.
  • Machinability & Sandability - When used as a filler, after curing and setting, it gives a clean machinability and sandability feature.
  • Radiation Absobant - Because of excellent packing factor, low density, high strength, water and oil absorption resistibility, when coated on metallic surfaces it can be used for Radar Blankets and blast protection systems

Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet