Advance Specialty Materials

We are just the right combination of Chemistry and Physics in the field of material additives and advanced composites with inorganic and non reactive features.


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  • Oil & Gas

    In case of Oil Well Drilling and exploration, there is a need of a special material which has low oil absorption rate.

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  • Aerospace & Defense

    Material needed for Aerospace has to be light weight with more surface area coverage. Denser & Lighter materials are opted

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  • Paints & Coatings

    This segment of Industry is always looking for a challenging material for improving thermal stability and insulation.

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Tomorrow's Future is Today's Change

There is always an every changing need of rolex replica alternative material along with alternative energy for tomorrow's generation. We at Specmat are in constant research to provide the most required industries with a solution to challenging difficulties. Any ideal material needs to be sustainable, economical, durable and must have efficiency in performance

Our product line covers almost major industries with special materials which add the much more to required specifications. Our products are specially formulated as rolex replica uk per the industry requirement with necessary lab reports and ASTM standards.

We are an ingredient in major advanced composites which include cenosphere, hollow spheres, ceramic spheres, micro spheres, micro beads, glass bubbles, glass spheres most of which are naturally occurring advanced minerals


Other Industries

  • Refractory Ceramics.

    Foundary is an ever growing sector with a constant need of castables and sleeves. High Temperature, thermal

  • Construction Chemicals

    For sustainable development and growth, construction companies are always in need of cement, concrete